Rick and Morty

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Back in 2015, I had the opportunity to write the first ten issues of the Rick and Morty comic series for Oni Press. During that run, I was also able to draw an issue (Rick and Morty #8), as well as write a Ball Fondlers solo issue drawn by the incredible Andrew MacLean (Head Lopper). Series regular artist CJ Cannon drew every other issue in our run, with the exception of the backup comics, which were drawn by Mark Ellerby.

Rick and Morty vol. 1 made it onto the Times Best Sellers List for Paperback Graphic Books and won a 2015 Diamond Gem Award for Licensed Comic of the Year.


Above images; Rick and Morty #1 (art by CJ Cannon, colors by Ryan Hill) / Rick and Morty #1 Cover, Emerald City Comic Con exclusive (art by Zac Gorman) / Rick and Morty #8 (art by Zac Gorman) / Rick and Morty #6 (art by Andrew MacLean) / Rick and Morty #6 (art by Andrew MacLean, colors by Ryan Hill)