In 2013, I did my first storyboarding work; boarding two episodes of Over the Garden Wall for Cartoon Network. I boarded on the very first episode, working closely with creator Pat McHale and art director Nick Cross back when the show was still called Tome—a working title that was a holdover from Pat’s original short Tome of the Unknown. For a first time boarder, it was an absolute dream project and one that went on to later win an Emmy for Outstanding Animated Series in 2015.


Even though I was contracted for only two episodes of the ten episode series, I ended up with a credit on three of them, after 101 was split up and the majority of it was pushed back to episode 109. On both episodes, I was partnered with the wonderful Natasha Allegri (Adventure Time, Bee and Puppycat). Working on the show was an absolute honor and I remain a resolute fan to this day.


My next storyboarding job was on an episode of Uncle Grandpa (Cartoon Network) called, “Hundred Dollar Gus,” and was about as much fun as a boarder could hope to have on a freelance assignment. Pete Browngardt and the rest of the team put total faith in their boarders and let them be as ridiculous as they wanted. Working on the show was a small taste of what it must have felt like making cartoons back in the slapstick and gag era.


My latest storyboard project was boarding the pilot for Costume Quest (the animated series) for Frederator. The series was picked up and has since found a home at Amazon (expected to release in 2018). I’m currently working on the series as a writer.