Thought I might be getting some visitors with Great Lakes Avengers #1 launching this week (!!!), so I just wanted to open up this site even though I never actually redesigned it like I’d planned several months ago!

Please ignore this ugly placeholder of a website and carry on!

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A little while ago, I was lucky enough to do a short comic for DC’s Gotham Academy written by Becky Cloonan and Brendan Fletcher, drawn by the super talented Karl Kerschl. I even managed to get away with throwing in the greatest Batman villain of all time…Egghead.

The first time you met, it was on the dusty, great subcontinent [I do not believe they call it that anymore], near a watering hole, beneath the shade of a willow tree. At that time, I do not believe that people had proper names—it’s hard to remember when exactly this tradition began—but it was you, sure enough, that crawled towards each other as if drawn by some mysterious and unknowable force on that hot, fateful day.

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Rough pencils from a Spongebob 2-pager I drew a couple months back! I was never really into the show, since it kinda came at the wrong time for me—late middle school—right around that awkward age when watching a “kid’s show” was still kinda embarrassing. If only I’d have known that almost twenty years later, the only thing I’d still be watching regularly on TV are kid’s cartoons and pro wrestling…